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Sandy Land Peanut Co., Inc
 Harrellsville, NC
Sandy Land Peanut Co., Inc
America’s Best Nut Company
 Rocky Mount, NC
America’s Best Nut Company
E J Cox Company
 Clarkton, NC
E J Cox Company
Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts
 Enfield, NC
Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts
Bertie County Peanuts
 Windsor, NC
Bertie County Peanuts
Baker’s Southern Traditions, Inc.
 Roxobel, NC
Baker’s Southern Traditions, Inc.
The Peanut Roaster
 Henderson, NC
The Peanut Roaster
Hampton Farms
 Severn, NC
Hampton Farms
Lane Farm Supply
 Gates, NC
Lane Farm Supply
Peanut Processors, Inc
 Dublin, NC
Peanut Processors, Inc
Tropical Foods
 Charlotte, NC
Tropical Foods
Hertford Supply Company, Inc.
 Hertford, NC
Hertford Supply Company, Inc.
Southern Season
 Chapel Hill, NC
Southern Season
Crossdogs Rescue Ministry
 Scotland Neck, NC
Crossdogs Rescue Ministry
Ford’s Fancy Fruits and Gourmet Foods
 Raleigh, NC
Ford’s Fancy Fruits and Gourmet Foods
Mackey’s Ferry Peanuts and Gifts
 Jamesville, NC
Mackey’s Ferry Peanuts and Gifts
Happie Chicks Boiled Peanuts
 Edisto Beach, SC
Happie Chicks Boiled Peanuts
Lee Brothers Boiled Peanuts
 Charleston, SC
(843) 720-8890
Lee Brothers Boiled Peanuts
Rentz Farms
 Branchville, SC
Rentz Farms
Gillespie’s Peanuts
 Hartsville, SC
Gillespie’s Peanuts

1. Sandy Land Peanut Co., Inc

Address: 229 Swains Mill Rd, Harrellsville 27942, NC, United States
Phone: 252-356-2679
Products: raw inshell, raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed) shelled;Products: raw inshell, raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed) shelled; » More Info

2. America’s Best Nut Company

Address: 3041 N. Church Street, Rocky Mount 27804, NC, United States
Phone: 252-454-0900
Super Extra Large RAW redskins and RAW blanched (skins removed); ROASTED SNACK PEANUTS – Southern Homestyle (lightly salted and unsalted), BeeLine Honey Roasted (glazed with pure honey), WingNuts (smokey, barbecue flavor), and more! » More Info

3. E J Cox Company

Address: 9323 Hwy 701, Clarkton 28433, NC, United States
Brand name: Sachs Peanuts Products: raw, roasted, hot and spicy, salted inshell peanuts » More Info

4. Aunt Ruby’s Peanuts

Address: 200 Halifax St, Enfield 27823, NC, United States
Products: raw, roasted and salted inshell, raw redskins, raw blanched (skin removed), roasted snack peanuts, honey coated/roasted, butter toasted, seasoned; peanut brittle, chocolate covered, peanut bars/squares; custom processing available. » More Info

5. Bertie County Peanuts

Address: 217 US Hwy 13 North, Windsor 27983, NC, United States
Phone: 800-457-0005
Products: raw, roasted, salted, hot inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed), roasted snack peanuts, honey coated/roasted; seasoned salt and pepper, ghost pepper, smoky mesquite; peanut brittle, butterscotch, chocolate covered; and more! » More Info

6. Baker’s Southern Traditions, Inc.

Address: 704 E Church Street, Roxobel 27872, NC, United States
Phone: 252-344-2120
Products: raw redskins, raw blanched (skin removed), health/trail mixes, seasoned peanuts (salted Cajun, Jalapeno, ghost pepper); old fashion type (no salt added/salt only additive); peanut brittle, chocolate covered; peanut/caramel and more! » More Info

7. The Peanut Roaster

Address: 394 Zeb Robinson Road, Henderson 27536, NC, United States
Phone: 800-445-1404
Products: roasted, salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed), roasted snack peanuts, honey coasted/roasted, butter toasted, health/trail mixes, jalapeno seasoned, BBQ seasoned, chipotle seasoned, sea salt & pepper; and more! » More Info

8. Hampton Farms

Address: PO Box 149, Severn 27877, NC, United States
Phone: 800-334-4771
Products: raw, roasted, salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed), roasted snack, dry roasted, honey coated/roasted, granules; old fashioned type peanut butter (both no salt added & only additive is salt); and more! » More Info

9. Lane Farm Supply

Address: 433 Gates School Rd, Gates 27937, NC, United States
Phone: 252-357-1279
Products: raw redskins (fill mail orders October-April) » More Info

10. Peanut Processors, Inc

Address: 7329 Albert St, Dublin 28332, NC, United States
Phone: 800-334-8383
Products: raw, roasted & salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched, roasted snack peanuts, dry roasted, granules; commercial type peanut butter (stabilized, vacuum packed) » More Info

11. Tropical Foods

Address: 1100 Continental Blvd, Charlotte 28273, NC, United States
Phone: 800-438-4470
Products: Retail snacks, bulk snack mixes, freshly roasted nuts and seeds, dried fruit and much more! » More Info

12. Hertford Supply Company, Inc.

Address: 809 S Edenton Rd St, Hertford 27944, NC
Phone: 252-426-5591
Products: raw redskins shelled » More Info

13. Southern Season

Address: 201 S Estes Dr, Chapel Hill 27514, NC, United States
Phone: 800-253-3663
Products: roasted and salted inshells, raw redskins, fried snack peanuts, honey coated/roasted, spicy seasoned peanuts, peanut brittle, old fashioned (no salt) peanut butter (retail only) » More Info

14. Crossdogs Rescue Ministry

Address: PO Box 365, Scotland Neck 27874, NC, United States
Phone: 877-237-6887
Product: raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed); blister fried, salted and seasoned, peanut brittle, chocolate covered. » More Info

15. Ford’s Fancy Fruits and Gourmet Foods

Address: 1109 Agriculture Street, Raleigh 27603, NC, United States
Phone: 800-446-0947
Products: honey coated/roasted, Seasoned peanuts: Jalapeño, Chardonnay, Merlot, Margarita, Plain, Lemoneolla » More Info

16. Mackey’s Ferry Peanuts and Gifts

Address: 30871 US Hwy 64, Jamesville 27846, NC, United States
Phone: 888-637-6887
Products: raw, roasted, cajun, salted inshell; raw redskins, blanched (skins removed), roasted snack, dry roasted, health/trail mix, seasoned; green peanuts (Oct-Nov); boiled/hot frozen; peanut butter, peanut brittle, chocolate covered, peanut oil. » More Info

17. Happie Chicks Boiled Peanuts

Address: 3101 Myrtle St, Edisto Beach 29438, SC, United States
Phone: 803-984-4231
Product: boiled and frozen inshell. » More Info

18. Lee Brothers Boiled Peanuts

Address: PO Box 315, Charleston 29402, SC
Products: green and boiled peanuts in season; canned boiled peanuts year round » More Info

19. Rentz Farms

Address: 5939 Farrells Rd, Branchville 29432, SC, United States
Phone: 803-245-5991
Products: Green Peanuts (in season – July to late September) » More Info

20. Gillespie’s Peanuts

Address: 1901 E Carolina Ave, Hartsville 29550, SC, United States
Phone: 843-383-4707
Products Include: Chocolate Covered, Honey Roasted, and Caramel Crunch. Also, Salted, Sea Salt & Pepper, Carolina BBQ, Low Country Boil, Lime Margarita, and Spicy Sriracha. » More Info