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Bennett’s Creek Farm Market
 Suffolk, VA
(757) 484-9722
Bennett’s Creek Farm Market
South Carolina Boiled Peanuts Company
 Cranford, NJ
Gurganus Peanut Outlet
 Capron, VA
Gurganus Peanut Outlet
Papa John’s Peanuts
 Jacksonville, FL
Papa John’s Peanuts
City Peanut Company
 Boise, ID
City Peanut Company
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg
 Toano, VA
The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg
Hawks Nuts, Inc.
 Tampa, FL
Hawks Nuts, Inc.

1. Bennett’s Creek Farm Market

Address: 3881 Bridge Road, Suffolk 23435, VA
Products: raw, roasted, salted in shell, raw redskins, raw blanched, roasted snack peanuts, butter toasted; green peanuts (Aug-Sept); Peanut Brittle, Chocolate Covered, Peanut Bars/Squares; boiled canned; old fashioned peanut butter and more! » More Info

2. South Carolina Boiled Peanuts Company

Products: boiled peanuts » More Info


Address: 125 Moen St, Cranford 07016, NJ, United States
Products: raw, roasted, salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed), roasted snack peanuts, dry roasted, honey coated/roasted, butter toasted, health/trail mix; boiled canned; old fashioned type (no salt added) peanut butter, and more! » More Info

4. Gurganus Peanut Outlet

Address: 19123 Rawlings Rd, Capron 23829, VA, United States
Phone: 434-658-4263
Products: raw, roasted, cajun, salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched (skins removed), cocktail, redskins with buttery popcorn salt, garlic herb, cajun shelled; peanut brittle, chocolate covered, peanuts bars/squares, boiled (May-Dec) and more! » More Info

5. Papa John’s Peanuts

Address: 2555 W Beaver St, Jacksonville 32254, FL, United States
Phone: 866-757-6887
Products: frozen boiled peanuts, dry roasted peanuts, raw peanuts, salted peanuts » More Info

6. City Peanut Company

Address: 803 West Bannock St, Boise 83702, ID, United States
Phone: 208-631-8750
Products: roasted, salted, 20 flavors inshell; roasted snack peanuts shelled, butter toasted; health/trial mixes, seasoned peanuts (spicy, sweet); peanut brittle; old fashioned type (no salt added); peanut spread (flavored) and more! » More Info

7. The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg

Address: 8012 Hankins Industrial Park, Toano 23168, VA, United States
Phone: 800-831-1828
Products: roasted and salted in shell; roasted snack peanuts, honey coated/roasted, butter toasted, seasoned peanuts, boiled canned peanuts, peanut brittle, chocolate covered, peanut bars/squares. » More Info

8. Hawks Nuts, Inc.

Address: 4713 N Hale Ave, Tampa 33614, FL, United States
Phone: 813-872-0900
Products: raw, roasted, salted inshell; boiled frozen and canned » More Info