Virginia-Carolinas Peanut News

2022 Winter Peanut News

2022 Winter Peanut News cover

In this issue: 2021 Fall Peanut Promotions, CO-OP NOTES, What A Year, Varieties, Virginia News, VC Donates PB to New Orleans, Haiti and Western Kentucky, Premium Peanut comes to South Carolina, The More Things Change, Runner versus Virginia type, Summary of Research Trials in 2021, Concerns over Oleic Acid Content, How do I develop a peanut fungicide Program?

2021 Spring Summer Peanut News

In this issue: A President’s Reflection, Fueling the Fun, Ashley Says, Getting Ready for Harvest, A Milestone Achieved, Late Season Peanut, Disease Decisions, Fungicide Combinations, Learning by Doing, Lessons from a Boot, and Plant Breeding.

2021 Spring Summer Peanut News

In this issue, Bob Sutter’s final from “Sutter Sez” to “Sutter Said”,  The 2020 Peanut Champions, “A Dad’s Legacy”, Steps to Growing Peanuts Successfully, Virginia News, Peanut Breeding and Peek Performance in Peanuts; How Peanuts Power Heart Health. 

2021 Winter Peanut News

2021 Winter Peanut News cover

In this issue, Life Moves Slowly in a Pandemic, VCPP partnered with Ketchum, Tools to Help Manage Peanuts, Virginia Peanut Disease Report for 2020, Our Future is about Food, Virginia Peanut Board Year in Review, PGCMA summarize the 2020 crop.

2020 Fall Peanut News

2020 Fall Peanut News web

Read about David Langston takes on new position, NC and SC Annual Field Day goes Virtual, Sutter writes about Dealing with the Covid-19, Social Unrest and Hurricane Isaias, Farewell to Barbara Shew and Midsummer Peanut Growth and Development in VA.

2020 Spring Summer Peanut News web

Topics includes our Peanut Champions from NC, SC, and VA, New Growing Season and New Beginnings for Hillary Mehl who takes on new position, A New Machine for Measuring Pod Breakability, Times of Uncertainty and Disease Control Questions.