Where Peanuts Grow

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In the U.S. these are the major peanut producing states: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Mississippi

Peanuts are grown in the warm climates of Asia, Africa, Australia, and North and South America. India and China together account for more than half of the world’s production. The United States has about 3% of the world acreage of peanuts, but grows nearly 10% of the world’s crop because of higher yields per acre. Other major peanut growing countries include Senegal, Sudan, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Malawi, and Nigeria.

In the United States, ten states grow 99% of the U. S. peanut crop: Georgia (which grows about 42% of all U. S. peanuts), followed by Texas, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Virginia, Oklahoma and New Mexico. These states are grouped into three regions. The Georgia-Florida-Alabama-Mississippi-Arkansas region (Southeast) grows mostly the medium-kernels Runner peanuts. The Southwest region (Texas-Oklahoma-New Mexico) grows Spanish, Runner and some Virginia type varieties. The Virginia-Carolina area grows mostly the large-kerneled Virginia type peanut. About 68% of all U. S. peanuts are grown in the Southeast, with the Virginia/Carolina area accounting for about 13% and the Southwest, about 18%.


Peanuts:  Area Harvested, and Area Yield

by State and United States, 2017-2018


Area Harvested





1,000 Acres 1,000Acres Pounds/Acre  Pounds/Acre
Alabama 193.0  157.0 3,550  
NEW 29.0 29.0 5,040  
Florida 186.0 151.0 3,650  
Georgia 825.0  690.0 4,300  
Mississippi 43.0  29.0 4,000  
New Mexico 7.6 8.0 2,200  
North Carolina 117.0  103.0 4,100  
Oklahoma 20.0  15.0 3,700  
South Carolina 118.0  96.0 3,808   
Texas 210.0  160.0 3,700  
Virginia 27.0  23.0 4,476  
United States 1,775.6 1,461.0 4,074