Growing Peanuts


You can’t grow great great-tasting peanuts just anywhere. Find out where your favorite peanuts grow and why.

PEANUT_FIELDHow the Peanut Plant Grows

It takes ideal conditions and great care to grow the ideal peanut. Find out how this process begins.

GROWING_PEANUTS_BANDHow Peanuts are Planted and Harvested

Planting and harvesting is an art form. Whether by hand or by technology, read about the steps here.

PEANUTS_IN_GARDENGrowing Peanuts in the Garden

You don’t need a thousand acres of fertile soil. Find out how you can grow your own in your back yard.

GRADING_SHELLINGPeanut Grading, Shelling and Blanching

What is the story of the peanut after it leaves the farm? Find out here.