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Virginia Carolina’s Peanut Promotions serves as the promotion/market development organization for North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia (Virginia-Carolina Area) Peanut Grower Associations.  It conducts programs in market research, market promotion, consumer education and other activities relating to the sale, marketing and distribution of peanuts and peanut products.

90% of the Virginia Type peanuts grown the US are grown in Virginia and the Carolina’s. The Virginia Type peanut is the largest and crunchiest of all types grown in the US. It is used for salted in the shell and cocktail peanuts. If you see inshell peanuts in the grocery store or at sporting events, it most likely was produced in the Virginia-Carolina area, no matter where you are in the US.

Working with educators, nutritionists and consumers, we spread the word about delicious and nutritious power packed peanut.

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Virginia Carolinas Peanut Promotions

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